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Mahi Fish Wall Hanging Art by Dryads Dancing

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Mahi-Mahi fish nautical Wall Art by Dryads Dancing

Size: 34" Long, 15" High

Crab made from reclaimed wood. Can be used outdoors and indoors. 
Wire hanger on back, sealed with clear varnish. Outdoor decor made in the USA by artist. High quality, hand crafted using several different pieces of reclaimed barn wood, sealed to 1/2" plywood, creating a solid unique art sculpture 1.5" thick.

About The Artist:
Margaret M. Taylor
There are some materials that have heart and soul. It can be the paint, the texture or maybe the history that is carried on. The intrinsic beauty of these materials is what inspired Margaret Taylor to begin creating. Working beside her father on house projects was her training ground. Through those experiences Margaret gained the necessary knowledge, as well as the belief that she could make anything. Her creations, which began as a hobby, have evolved into a solid business of 15 years. Dryads Dancing began with picture frames and birdhouses and has now expanded to include garden art, mirrors and furniture.

The recent development of working with artists / designers like Simone WIlson has introduced an exciting dimension to Margaret's business. The objective in these relationships is to take a piece of art and make it affordable and available while still retaining its uniqueness.

Simone R. Wilson
Simone R. Wilson is a self-taught artist born in Atlanta, Georgia. She is an obsessive scavenger and rescuer of materials from the past. At the age of nine she was given her first pocketknife by her grandfather Pleasant Hugh Martin, after whom her studio is named. Her first whittling project was a slingshot, made from a carefully chosen tree branch, innertube rubber from a tractor tire, the tongue of an old boot and some string. The passion for assemblage, necessity of form and function and her love of wood and reclaimed materials was born.

Simone established Pleasant Hugh Studio in 1991. She and her best friend, Louise, a now fifteen-year-old Bassett Hound, knew all the garbage pick-up schedules in town and would peruse neighborhoods in search of discarded pieces of people's lives. She found magic in resurrecting small parts of the past through artistic expression. Rusted roofing tin, old wood and porch railings became birdhouses, yard art and painting canvases.

Simone moved to Athens, Georgia in 1992 where she met many artists who would become very influential in her art as well as her life. The most significant of these relationships was with Beecher (Bill) Hickey, with whom she partnered for eight years. SImone and Bill were commissioned to paint wall, ceiling and floor murals in homes and restaurants throughout Atlanta and the Southeast. SImone attributes much of her success to Bill, who passed away in October, 2002.