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Venus Fly Trap Garden Sculpture by Artist Fred Conlon of Sugarpost

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Venus Fly Trap metal plant stake. Tongue painted red. Comes with bug plug that holds on tongue by magnet.  Comes on a 36" display rod that sticks directly into the ground for easy display. The sculpture comes in two pieces, the rod/vine screws into the body. 

Medium 10" by 5.5" Venus fly trap with tongue, on a 36" display rod. 

Fred Conlon is the creative genius behind Sugarpost Pottery and Metal located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Born and raised by two high school English teachers in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, Fred graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in Public Communication. However Fred's dream was to open a pottery shop which, with his family's support, opened as Sugarpost Pottery in 1998. In 1999, after Fred created the first army helmet turtle, Sugarpost Metal headed in the direction of full-time metal production. The addition of a separate metal fabrication facility resulted in myriad additions to the metal line of creatures coming from Fred's imagination. His signature "Gnome-Be-Gones" and other quirky critters are featured by fine craft galleries throughout the country.