Beach Arrow Sign with Starfish, Outdoor Decor by Elizabeth Keith Designs

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Beach with arrow pointing to the beach, with 3-D resin starfish, wall hanging art by Elizabeth Keith. Simply hang with one nail or screw. Made of metal. Will rust to an even patina orange, over time.

Size: 26" Long, 6" High

About the artist:
The majority of the “Elizabeth Keith designs” consists of “whimsical garden suns”. they describes their company this way. “ A unique vision for your garden, that is our mission here at “Elizabeth Keith designs”. We want your garden to inspire, to calm and to delight. We offer you an abundance of personalities in the form of a sun. Whether you choose a large face, a happy face or a peaceful face, each face is meant to enhance your garden and to inspire you!”All of their “Gardens Suns “ and “Metal Signs and Rays” are made in their studio and they are delighted to put “Hand Crafted in Cary, North Carolina” on all of their hangtags. The sun and the moon are constants in our lives, radiating light and life, always with us but ever changing. Artist Michael Markham has been drawn to these celestial symbols throughout his artistic career, rendering sun and moon faces in silver, in fine woodwork and in clay. “The sun is always rising” says the artist. “Perhaps that’s why it’s such a potent symbol for me. It’s reborn every morning.”